Earth Friendly Awesomeness

Fipper | Earth Friendly Flip Flops


When we decided to introduce Fipper sandals to the United States, the most appealing feature was the fact that they are a 100% natural rubber, biodegradable, sustainable flip flop. Every year, millions of cheap plastic flip flops end up in landfills where they remain for thousands of years. It is our goal to help end this cycle. Not only are Fippers biodegradable, but the packaging we use is made from 100% recycled material, and is reusable.


We are currently working hard to find partnerships throughout the United States to accept old flip-flops for recycling. Until these partnerships are in place there are still ways to help. Call your local recycling center or visit Recycle Nation to find out where you can recycle your used rubber flip-flops.

As an added bonus, send us a picture of you recycling your old flip-flops, and we'll send you a coupon for 25% off your next purchase from FipperUSA as a thank you. You can post your photos to Facebook or Twitter, or email them to us at